Welcome to Silverstar Pins! Our journey began last year, after the lifting of COVID restrictions in 2022, when I was fortunate enough to start traveling again. It was an exhilarating time, starting with explorations around the UK – from the charming landscapes of Cornwall to the picturesque Cotswolds. The adventure didn’t stop there; it extended across Europe, the United States, and this year, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Japan.


As I traveled, accompanied by my girlfriend, I found myself drawn to collecting pin badges. What started as a casual side hobby quickly blossomed into a genuine passion. Each pin I collected was not just a piece of metal; it was a memory, a story, a piece of that particular place that I could carry with me. However, I soon faced a dilemma – how do I store and display these beautiful pins without damaging them?


This question sparked an idea, leading me to design and create a display case specifically for pin badge collectors. I wanted a product that would not only keep my pins safe but also allow me to showcase them in all their glory. It was about giving these tiny treasures the stage they deserved.


That’s how Silverstar Pins was born. We started selling our Collector’s Case on Etsy and Amazon, and now, we’ve launched our own site. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about sharing a solution that came from a personal need and passion. We can’t wait to see how the brand grows and the joy it brings to enamel pin badge enthusiasts like you.


Please join me on this journey. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting, Silverstar Pins is here to make your collection shine. Let’s celebrate the stories behind each pin and the adventures they represent. Welcome to our community – let’s make it memorable together!


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